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I played Grand Theft Auto 3 pretty early on the Playstation 2 after renting it from the video store and eventually bought a copy. I get a really strong feeling of nostalgia while wandering through the cities, like using Google Earth to revisit the old places you used to live. Most of my playing time was spent doing side missions or unofficial missions I came up with myself.

How to kill a million people without cheats
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One of the fun things to do in GTA3 is find a spot up high and cause havoc down below by blowing stuff up with the rocket launcher. In this video I show the best spots I found to cause as much havoc as possible, including the spot I used to kill over a million people, which involves using some tricks, glitches, and patience. I spent over a year accumulating kills from a new game and reached 1.7 million, then that save game started freezing randomly so I stopped. Below are my stats from that save game.

Start date: March 2016
End date: September 2017
Money: $34672575
Days passed in game: 2175
People you've wasted: 1730130
People wasted by others: 46942
Cars exploded: 247998
Times busted: 86
Hospital visits: 963
Gang members wasted: 2598
Criminals wasted: 38275
Helicopters destroyed: 29784
Kgs of explosives used: 5258
Accuracy: 110
Dist. travelled on foot (miles): 869.87
Dist. travelled by car (miles): 5252.65
Mm of rain fallen: 11687

100 hidden packages before the first mission
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I think I read online that this was possible, but I came up with the route myself with the help of the tunnel glitch that I previously saw online. In this video I show how to collect all 100 hidden packages from the very start of the game. The packages are scattered around all three cities and you normally have to complete missions to open up new cities, but the tunnel glitch allows you to visit the new cities immediately. All the packages are easy enough to collect, except for one on top of a bridge that's only accessible by flying a Dodo and landing on it, which can give some people trouble. Not only is collecting all the packages at the start of the game a fun challenge, but it also makes the rest of the game interesting because now you have all the weapons at your hideout.

Vigilante - 100 kills in a row
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I always liked chasing down criminals in the Vigilante mission and would go for long stretches of consecutive kills. This was just for fun, but you also make a lot of money the higher your kill count gets. My city of choice was Staunton Island with the police car and the uzi. And to actually make it interesting, I didn't use the menu glitch where the criminal would immediately exit their vehicle when you press pause while they're in your field of view. This challenge is more fun than difficult, there's usually ample time to kill each criminal and grab a new vehicle, but sometimes things can get hairy depending on the criminal's vehicle and spawn location, your vehicle's damage, your wanted level, bad luck, etc. and you could easily run out of time.