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Internet Hearts that came with Windows XP was probably my favourite casual game to play. I forget when I started playing it, but the servers were still active up until 2018 or so when they finally went offline. What I like about the game is the strategy and memorization. Instead of just trying to win as fast as possible, my favourite way to play was to distribute the point cards to the players with the fewest points (the player with the fewest points wins), either by saving and playing the point cards myself at opportune times or setting the players up to receive them from someone else, which required more skill and memorization. Sometimes you'd get players rage-quitting after you hit them with the queen of spades out of nowhere (even though they were in the lead), but other times you'd get players who also played the same way and would harass the leaders which generated the most memorable and fun games. The goal was to make the winner have the most points as possible. Below are a few screenshots I took over the years.

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