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Road Rash 64 was a hidden treasure I found at the video store. Every now and then I'd rent it and play alone or with Dave, which was hilarious. I remember asking the video store if I could buy their copy of the game but I think the version I have now was from ebay. I had played the earlier PC version, but I thought the N64 version was much more fun. The wipeouts are absolutely brutal. There's also an "Insanity" mode with hugely over-powered bikes that go way too fast and I did time trials on some of the courses. I came up with the routes myself through trial and error. You can take some pretty big shortcuts off-road, but the game will punish you for cheating if a shortcut is too egregious.

Insanity Level - Race 1
 "Pretty Blue" in 1:33:45 --

Insanity Level - Race 4
 "Crashmaster 3000" in 2:32:83 --

Insanity Level - Race 5
 "Low Earth Orbit" in 1:58:41 --

Insanity Level - Race 6
 "Downtown" in 1:51:49 --

Insanity Level
 1080 rotation --