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Super Mario Kart was one of the games I used to play as a kid and my favourite part was the Time Trial mode. It was tradition for my family to upgrade to the newer console and trade in our older one, so I didn't play SMK for several years. But in 2003-2004 I bought a Super Nintendo on ebay with SMK and started playing again, this time competitively. I learned about SMK Time Trial world records online, watched videos to learn the strategies, and submitted my times. In 2004 I hit my first world records on Koopa Beach 1 where I had a knack for the water sliding technique. In 2005 I made it all the way to NTSC Time Trial Champion on the SMK Players' Site, but only briefly. I was dethroned three months later as the New Boosting Techniques (NBT) were beginning to take over, which involved modifying your controller to help with charging up boosts using zigzag movements, and I never quite got the hang of it. My strongest times are on the Non-NBT Players' Site, though some of the courses I never quite figured out. I basically retired a few years later.

My profile on the SMK Players' Site (see NTSC Times).
My profile on the SMK Non-NBT Players' Site.

Below are videos of some of my times.

Course 5-lap 1-lap
Mario Circuit 1 56"98 (NBT)
Donut Plains 1 1'09"03 (NBT) 14"59 (Non-NBT)
Ghost Valley 1 59"79 (NBT)
1'05"40 (Non-NBT no platform jump)
11"87 (NBT)
Mario Circuit 2 1'05"05 (NBT)
Choco Island 1 56"98 (Non-NBT)
57"23 (Non-NBT with hands)
11"29 (Non-NBT)
11"52-11"30 (Non-NBT)
Ghost Valley 2 58"84 (Non-NBT)
1'00"63 (Non-NBT no platform jump)
11"48 (NBT)
11"52 (Non-NBT)
11"97 (Non-NBT no platform jump)
Donut Plains 2 1'23"38 (NBT)
1'24"75 (Non-NBT)
Bowser Castle 2 1'38"98 (NBT)
Mario Circuit 3 1'24"90 (NBT)
Koopa Beach 1 47"85 (Non-NBT) 9"26 (Non-NBT)
Choco Island 2 1'02"78 (NBT)
Bowser Castle 3 1'28"04 (Non-NBT) 17"41 (Non-NBT)
17"54 (Non-NBT opener)
Mario Circuit 4 1'31"84 (NBT)
1'36"94 (Non-NBT)
Donut Plains 3 1'14"61 (NBT)
1'17"50 (Non-NBT)
15"53 (Non-NBT opener)
Koopa Beach 2 53"40 (NBT)
56"42 (Non-NBT)
56"68 (Non-NBT no gas-releasing)
10"21 (NBT)
10"87 (Non-NBT)
10"93 (NBT opener)