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I started playing guitar in 1995 when I convinced my Dad to get me an electric guitar and amp. I also had a short lesson book that showed how to play "Ode to Joy". I quit playing for 6 months until a friend showed me how to play "Glycerine" by Bush before we walked to school one day. In 1996 my Grandma gave me her old stereo system and in 1997 I started recording stuff (with friends or by myself) onto cassettes with a microphone plugged into the tape deck. In 2000 a friend showed me how to program drums and record onto a computer, and in 2001 I finished my first solo album at 18 years old while I was honing my skills to form a band one day. I didn't know any drummers who wanted to play blast beats, so in 2002 I started playing drums myself on a kit of junk that included two broken cymbals, a snare drum with no bottom skin, and a cardboard box with weights inside as a bass drum, until my friend was ready to sell me his kit in 2003. Since then, I've been consistently releasing new music year after year with no end in sight.

I always thought my main creative outlet for music would be in a band setting, but eventually realized that I was getting enough fulfillment and fun out of making music by myself.

2002-addictedtovaginalskin.mp3 -- This is the first TOD recording I made with real drums. Dave brought his kit over and I recorded this Cannibal Corpse cover while it was here. The blast beat is really sloppy.

2002-silenthill2-room312.mp3 -- This is a death metal Silent Hill 2 (video game) cover.

2003-crazypiano.mid -- This is a short and looping piano riff that I programmed in Power Tab.

2004-icumblood.mp3 -- This is a Cannibal Corpse cover.

2006-doom-e1m3.mp3 -- This is a Doom (video game) cover.

2010-plumbfordscottsdale.mid -- This was made in 2 hours in Guitar Pro for a speed-midi session on doomworld.

2012-thetooters.mid -- This was made in Guitar Pro for my capture-the-flag map in one of the 32in24 wads.

2012-tinytod.mid -- This was made in Guitar Pro for one of my speedmaps.

2013-doom-e1m6.mp3 -- This is a Doom (video game) cover.

2013-doom-e1m8.mp3 -- This is a Doom (video game) cover.

2013-doom-e2m8.mp3 -- This is a Doom (video game) cover.

2013-doom2-map03.mp3 -- This is a Doom 2 (video game) cover.