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My ota setup keeps evolving as I tinker with it a bit each year by changing antennas and gear. My current setup consists of two separate antenna clusters in different locations for local and dx reception.

Main Antenna Cluster (1157' AMSL, rotatable)
- Winegard HD8200U vhf+uhf antenna @ 36' for dx reception
- 2x homemade nuGH uhf antennas @ 33' with CM7777 and KT200 preamps for local and dx reception
- All antennas connected to HDHomeruns with autologgers
- Zenith DTT901 for dx reception
- Mediasonic HW130STB for local and dx reception

Remote Antenna Cluster (1215' AMSL, fixed)
- nuGH uhf antenna @ 30' for dx reception
- nuGH uhf antenna @ 25' for dx reception
- Both antennas connected to HDHomeruns with autologgers, remote desktop software, and custom batch scripts